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Vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in the Xingu region

The Brazilian government has, as soon as January 18, 2021, implemented an unprecedented campaign of vaccination of the Brazilian indigenous populations against Covid-19.

Exceptional in its scope due to the overall shortage of vaccines, it has already permitted to this day to administer a first dose to more than 66% of all indigenous populations and a second to 43%.

This is a clear success and an undeniable advance in the safeguard of and the fight for the rights of the Brazilian indigenous communities, knowing that unfortunately only 8% of the entire population of Brazil has to date received a dose of vaccine.

This success is particularly evident in the Xingu territory, where the first vaccination campaign took place between January 24 and February 4, 2021 thanks to the Multidisciplinary Indigenous Health Team (Equipe Multidisciplinar de Saude Indigena - EMSI) of the Xingu Territory DSEI (Distritos Sanitarios Especiais Indigenas), in cooperation with the airborne team of the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (Secretaria Especial de Saude Indigena - SESAI).

Despite a critical interruption in the cold chain due to a generator breakdown, the campaign was finally completed successfully, allowing the immunization of practically all the members of the 16 communities of the Xingu territory.


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