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Free, Prior and Informed Consent Meetings in Yawalapiti Village

Free, Prior and Informed Consultation (FPIC) meetings were held from 27 to 29 November 2021, bringing together more than a hundred members and Caciques from all the communities of the Xingu Indigenous Territory (TIX), in the Yawalapiti village (close to Posto Leonardo).

Cacique Tapi Yawalapiti showing the Aritana Institute plans

These meetings, which were postponed several times due to the pandemic, are essential to ensure a community-driven implementation of AFV projects, safeguarding the Territory and its peoples according to the 2016 Monitoring Plan and the 2018 feasibility study.

The meetings allowed the communities to decide how to allocate funding provided by Conservation International. The funds were raised during the last tour of the Caciques Raoni Metuktyre, Tapi Yawalapiti and Kaiulu Kamaiura, which was organized by AFV in 2019.

They focused on the construction of the Aritana Institute and the forest protection program. Participants discussed their perceptions of their ancestral lands and their concerns over illegal activities threatening their fisheries and forests.

Debates concerning the forest protection program

The meeting finally endorsed the creation of the Aritana Institute, named after Cacique Aritana who passed away because of Covid. This Institute, created by the peoples and for the peoples of Xingu enshrines the union of the peoples. It aims to promote and protect the rights of the indigenous peoples of Xingu, strengthening the collaboration between its communities on land protection and territory resources, ecological restoration, ancestral culture, education and health.

Finally, a whole day was dedicated to the issue of reinforcing the protection of the territory preceded by a first training in the handling of surveillance drones organized by AFV, in partnership with Associação Kanindé. A few fruit trees were also planted in the Yawalapiti village.

Training for the use of drones in the Yawalapiti village

Planting of a few fruit trees in the Yawalapiti village

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