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Demographic survey in the TIX

According to the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (SESAI), the Xingu Indigenous Territory has officially 81 villages and a population of 7,200 inhabitants. However, those figures are outdated and no longer match the reality of the Xingu according to more recent information collected by the local indigenous organization ATIX-Women (ATIX-Mulher).

In its 2022 population survey ATIX-Mulher, unlike the Brazilian government agency SESAI, found that Xingu has more than 8,000 inhabitants, distributed in 158 villages.

ATIX was founded in 1994 to represent the interest of the Xingu communities before public and private agencies and has significant experience in the collection and dissemination of data and rights within the community. Recently, the Women's Movement of the Xingu Indigenous Territory has gained importance within ATIX and founded the women's coordination within ATIX, called ATIX-Women (ATIX-Mulher). The group seeks to advance the interests of women and the women's movement in the TIX in general.


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