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AFV ships dozens of kilos of COVID-19 medicines to indigenous communities of Xingu

In September 2020, AFV coordinated the delivery of several dozen kilos of medicines to indigenous communities of Xingu who have been hard-hit by COVID-19.

The medical initiative received financial aid from the City of Paris, the City of Lyon, and the Metropolis of Lyon.

The medicines were selected in accordance with the recommendations of Dr. Celso’s, a doctor at the Leonardo Station (Posto Leonardo surveillance post) with whom the AFV maintains regular contact, in compliance with the medical protocols applied during the second quarter of 2020.

The initiative intends to strengthen the resources of Leonardo Station to fight Covid-19 as the pandemic claimed the lives of several prominent community members (video available on the page of the program Health and Well Being).

Dr. Celso receiving the medications

Medications sent to the Leonardo Station (Posto Leonardo)


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