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Indigenous women from Alto Xingu hold their General Assembly

More than 150 women from different communities of the Xingu Indigenous Territory (TIX) and neighboring territories gathered from December 1 to 5, 2021 in the heart of the TIX, at Posto Leonardo.

Inauguration of the ceremony in the Yawalapiti village (TIX)

This General Assembly of Women, in which members of AFV were able to participate, was organized by the Movement of Women of the Xingu Indigenous Territory (MMTIX) and supported by the Association of Indigenous Territory of Xingu (ATIX).

Participants inaugurated the 'Centro de Convenção das Mulheres do Alto Xingu', or 'Casa das Mulheres', an official meeting place long awaited by the women of the Alto Xingu, who until then had no dedicated place to gather.

On this occasion, participants discussed the history of MMTIX, their regional experiences, Covid measures as well as other actions implemented. This gathering led to the election of a new general coordinator and a new president for the Movement.

In addition, representatives from governmental agencies such as the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (SESAI) and the National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI) participated in the debates, as well as other partner organizations. Among participating NGOs, Korui donated 1,500 menstrual cups to the women of TIX.

This historic gathering, the first one of its kind, enabled the women of Upper Xingu to contextualize current Brazilian policies, such as pro-agrobusiness Brazilian laws, and understand their impact on their communities.

Alto Xingu indigenous women Assembly in early December 2021, Posto Leonardo


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