The Xingu Territory and its people are threatened by illegal fishing, hunting, logging, fires and agro-chemicals used in neighboring farms. According to Cacique Aritana and his son Tapi, border-monitoring is the most urgent issue to address, before education or health. 

There are currently 11 surveillance posts for 900 kilometers of borders, most of them being under-equipped and not fully functional. That is why the Institute proposes a monitoring program that would focus on re-equipping existing border posts, the creation of new posts where gaps have been identified, the introduction of new technologies and a central office located at the Institute. The goals are to reduce response time to threats and provide appropriate support when linking with government services to report such threats.


The orange dots are deforestated areas on Xingu Region

As a part of the main programs of the AFV, the association plans to create 7 new surveillance posts in partnership with local communities, to equip existing posts with electricity, jeeps, boats, cameras and drones, and to provide training on surveillance procedures.

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The foundation of the AFV's work is based on the concept of Prior Informed Consent. This concept states that it is up to indigenous communities to determine the outcome of a decision or project that affects them. It is not only the right to be consulted, but a guarantee that the economic, social and cultural rights of the Indigenous people will be protected. This is the basis of the AFV's intervention in the field. 

Alongside our partners, you can make a difference by participating to the Forest Surveillance Program


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