AFV has offices in France and Brazil. The current AFV team is also based in Germany and the United States.

AFV Founders

Honorary Members

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux

Belgian, Honorary President of AFV

Bernard Laine

French, Honorary Vice-President of AFV

Raoni Metuktire

Kayapo chief. Honorary President. Raoni is the emblematic figure of the fight for the Amazon rainforest and its peoples. He  has spent his whole life defending this cause and went on six international campaigns organized by AFV to raise awareness about the destruction of the rainforest.

Tapi Yalawapiti

Yawalapiti chief, Honorary President. He is the oldest son of late chief Aritana, who in his lifetime unified all the tribes of the Xingu region. Tapi continues the work of his father and is the spiritual heir to chief Raoni. He cooperates closely with AFV in the field.

Executive Board

Robert Dardanne


Nathalie Gaillard

Vice-President & Treasurer

Haroldo Korte


Stéphane Ledain Secretary  


Etienne Vernet

French, resident coordinator of operations in the TIX

Marion Milliot

French, Program Officer

Guillherme Korte

Brazilian, agroforestry technician

Monica Sweet

Brazilian, international coordinator & communication

Maximilian Girod-Laine

Geman/French, attorney-at-law, PhD in international law

Cristina Nachba

Brazilian, digital communication & social media

Alexandra Dutilleux

Belgian/American, indigenous people coordinator  & advocacy

Christiane Dumond

French, IT specialist & webmaster

Giorgio Cristofani

Brazilian, Junior Project Assistant