In 1988, AFV planned an international awareness campaign on the deforestation of the Amazon, the first of its kind.


The spokesperson for the indigenous people was a chief of the Kayapo tribe called Raoni. Raoni was already known to the greater public thanks to the film Raoni, selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 1977 and nominated for an Oscar in 1978.


During this highly publicized world tour, Raoni was accompanied by the North American Indigenous leader Red Crow. The group met with leaders from fifteen countries, giving Raoni, the "Cacique" (tribal chief) an international stature. "Forêt Vierge"  or "Rainforest" foundations were created in twelve countries.


Thanks to donations from all over the world, the demarcation of the Kayapo Indigenous' ancestral lands could be completed. In August 1993, a Brazilian presidential decree officialized the creation of an immense reserve of  39,870 square miles (103,240 km²). With the Xingu Indigenous Territory, created by Claudio, Leonardo and Orlando Villas-Bôas in 1960, the two bordering territories cover a total area of  50,193 square miles (130,000 km²).



Today, the Kayapo and Xingu territories, home to dozens of indigenous tribes, are considered the largest indigenous rainforest reserve in the world.


Since 1989, AFV organized six international tours of the Cacique Raoni : in 1989, 2000, 2001, 2010 and 2011. The latest tour in 2019 took Raoni again to Europe and the US. AFV has also carried out numerous medical assistance missions in the reserve, contributed to the construction of new dwellings destroyed  by forest fires, strengthened cultural and linguistic protection and financed countless ad-hoc relief operations.



First encounter between Chief Raoni and Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, a 22-year-old Belgian, whilst filming his first documentary Indians in the Xingu.

An encounter in the Xingu is organized between Raoni and Red Crow, two of America´s greatest indigenous leaders. A new alliance is born.

A new opening for the film Raoni is shot in Washington with Marlon Brando showing 3000 North American Indians protesting against the US government. Brando  also narrates the English version of the film.


Raoni is nominated for an Oscar in 1978, a first for a Brazilian film. The film is released in Brazil and chief Raoni appears on the front pages of all major Brazilian newspapers.


Chief Raoni starts his life long battle to protect the Indians and their rainforest.

The movie Raoni is selected at Cannes. During a press conference for the film, Peter Ustinov alerts the world about the disappearance of hundreds of Indigenous tribes and the systematic destruction of the rainforests.

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux organizes a charity event alongside Survival International, with the opening of INDIANS in London. Funds were raised for the Villas-Bôas to finance a vaccination campaign in The Xingu National Park.

The Xingu Kayapo reserve is officially  created

The second international awareness and fundraising campaign tours 6 European countries. AFV organizes a meeting between Raoni and French President Jacques Chirac to discuss the Amazon forest preservation.

Jean Pierre Dutilleux returns to the Xingu and directs a 35MM film about Raoni with the participation of Claudio Villas-Bôas. Dutilleux identifies the boundaries of the immense Kayapo territory that Raoni wants to protect.

With the blessing of Brazilian President Sarney following his famous words, ”If the world wants to save the Amazon, the world has to pay for it“, Raoni obtains a passport from the Brazilian authorities. Bernard Laine, a French journalist, obtains the support of Television Française 1 (TF1), the oldest and most viewed French TV channel. A book about Raoni and the plight for the Amazon is published.


Jean Pierre Dutilleux and Bernard Laine establish AFV on 9 March 1989 and plan the first international Amazon rainforest awareness and fundraising campaign with Sting.


Raoni meets French President François Mitterrand, Pope John Paul II, Prince Charles, Carlos King of Spain, the Prime Minister of Australia, and government representatives of 17 countries.

Funds are raised for the demarcation of the new Xingu reserve.

Third international awareness and fundraising campaign, with meetings all around Europe.

The fourth international forest protection awareness campaign is launched. Jean Pierre Dutilleux´s book “Raoni, the memoirs of an Indian chief” is published, with a foreword by President Jacques Chirac. Raoni meets Prince Albert II of Monaco and other celebrities.

Chief Raoni is made honorary citizen of Paris by mayor Bernard Delanoë and tours Europe once again to raise funds for the protection of the Kayapo territories under siege by illegal loggers, gold diggers and cattle ranchers.

Raoni voices his concern for all Indians in the Amazon and warns the world about the consequences of the Amazon destruction.  

In May, the sixth campaign takes place with Raoni and cacique Tapi, his spiritual heir. The two travel throughout Europe, raising once again awareness for the issues faced by Indigenous peoples. Raoni meets with several notable politicians and public figures including the Pope Francis, the French President Macron, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the Prince of Monaco and the city mayors of Paris, Lyon, Brussels and Geneva.

In November, Raoni meets numerous celebrities that voice their support for his cause, among them Leonardo di Caprio.


international forest  protection, fundraising       and awareness campaigns

120 kg

of medical supplies delivered in the Xingu reserve (2013)

€ 20,000

Donation for Covid 19 actions in the Xingu reserve (2020)




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