The current AFV team is based in France and Brazil, and it is made of :

Office members:

Robert Dardanne (President)

Nathalie Gaillard (Vice-president and treasurer)

Haroldo Korte (Vice-president)

Administrative Council members:

Robert Dardanne

Nathalie Gaillard

Haroldo Korte

Christiane Dumont

Bernard Laine

Alexandra Dutilleux


An AFV structure based directly in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) is being set up. It will have Jean-Pierre Dutilleux as President, Guilherme Korte as Vice-President and Etienne Vernet as Secretary Treasurer.

afv_portrait_Nathalie Gaillard.jpg

Nathalie Gaillard, vice-president treasurer of the AFV, in charge of the institutional and administrative aspects of the association. She represents the association, signs documents, works with the accountant, handles bank transfers and helps with the selection of projects.

afv_portrait_Robert Dardanne.jpg

Robert Dardanne, president of the AFV, is in charge of the coordination, following-up the files and the study of the various proposals of cooperation or projects, as well as their selection.

afv_portrait_Haroldo Korte.jpg

Haroldo Korte, vice-president of the AFV, is in charge of coordination with Brazil and the research for sponsors. He participates in the definition of the association's strategy, the follow-up of the files and the selection of projects.


Raoni Metuktire, honorary president, of his real name Ropni Metyktire, is the great cacique Kayapo that the AFV has been supporting for more than thirty years. He has led six campaigns organized by the association to save the Amazon and is the emblematic figure for the preservation of the forest. He has made six world tours (1989 with the singer Sting, 2000, 2001, 2010, 2011 and 2019) where he met four French presidents, two popes and many heads of state. He is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021.

afv_portrait_jean pierre copy.jpg

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, co-founder and honorary president of the AFV, is in charge of the global strategy and represents the AFV. He is the direct link between the association and the indigenous peoples and has a role of senior advisor.


Bernard Laine, co-founder and honorary president of the association and retired, continues to support and advise the association when needed


Monica Sweet, International Coordinator, is in charge of the communication and marketing component of the association. She is in charge of the management of the association's website and participates in the definition of its strategy.


Maximilian Girod-Laine, external international lawyer, assists and advises the association in the legal steps of the AFV.


Cristina Nachba is in charge of the AFV's digital communication and campaigns on social networks. She participates in fundraising campaigns.


Etienne Vernet, technical director of operations in the TIX, in charge of drafting projects and responses to calls for proposals. He also oversees the implementation of projects alongside local partners. Secretary and Treasurer of AFV Brazil.


Guillherme Korte, agroforestry technician (Brazil), develops and implements the actions carried out alongside local partners. Vice-president of AFV Brazil.


Alexandra Dutilleux (Brazil) is the volunteer coordinator with indigenous peoples and is the link with the United States.


Marion Milliot, assistant for the administration and project management team. She strengthens the administrative team and the members of the Bureau in the management and organization of the actions carried out by the AFV.

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