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The Headquarters of the Aritana Institute, currently under construction, are located near the Yalawipiti village. Self-sustaining,  its mission is to :

  • Protect and preserve the Xingu Territory and its people

  • Empower local populations and increase their autonomy

  • Reinforce local food security through the introduction of innovative agroforestry and agroecology

The Institute’s headquarters will serve as a multi-purpose resource center, providing training, advice and information, as well as equipment (computers and printers), communication facilities (internet connections) and communal space for the TIX communities. It will especially house the technical equipment needed for monitoring the territory and for the reforestation efforts as well as a dispensary for basic health care.


A class room will finally allow for vocational training for groups of up to 30 students, especially in agroecology and sustainable development. It will also be used to facilitate the inter-generational transmission of the intangible cultural heritage of the TIX tribes.

The Institute will  foster partnerships with other organizations such as the Raoni Institute and Conservation International.

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First building of the Aritana Institute sketch and model

(Tryptique 2021)

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In coordination with our local partners

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Alongside our partners, you can make a difference by supporting the Aritana Institute.